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Pet Friendly Cabins (Dog friendly only)

We only accept dogs and only in cabins that are designated as pet friendly. Due to allergies, we do not accept cats in any of our cabins. 

Some of our cabins are dog friendly and do require a $10.00 per night per pet charge. Those cabins that are not pet friendly, DO NOT accept pets for any reason. If a guest is found to have a pet in a non-pet friendly cabin, they will be required to remove the pet and pay a $500 pet cleaning fee. Please verify that the cabin that you chose is pet friendly before bringing your dog. 

Pet Policy

We would like for you and your family (including the four legged members) to have the best vacation ever and appreciate your willingness to abide by these guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call our office at 865-980-0082. We reserve the right to refuse any pet at any time.

  1. Your dog must be on a flea maintenance program. (Like Frontline, Advantage, etc.)
  2. Your dog must be crated while left in the cabin alone.
  3. Your dog must not get on our furniture. If we find pet hair on our furniture upon your departure, you will be charged $10.00 per each quilt/comforter/sofa that must be cleaned to remove dog hair.
  4. If your dog damages our vacation home in any way, ie, urine on the carpet/floor, chewed furniture/walls/doors or molding, you will be held responsible for the damage repair costs.
  5. Your dog must be leashed when on the outside of the cabin. This is for the safety of your dog as there may be other animals in the area that could harm your beloved pet.
  6. We charge a $50 REFUNDABLE pet security deposit which will be refunded after checkout as long as the above rules/guidelines are followed depending on the breed and number of dogs.